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Why Granite for Precision Use?


Granite is thermally stable which leads to very slow rates of change dimensionally relative to temperature inconsistencies.  Unlike metal, granite maintains its shape and flatness over a wider range of temperatures making it an ideal choice for your high precision needs.  In addition, these same properties provide for an extremely hard surface which lead to excellent wear characteristics and vibration dampening.  The combination of these and other physical properties allow for granite to be manufactured to very tight critical geometric tolerances. 

Rock of Ages is proud to offer the five most recognized stone materials used in the precision granite field;





American Black (A Rock of Ages Owned Quarry - Pennsylvania)

A domestic black granite featuring shades of dark grays and whites with a visually appealing pattern.

Average Absorption % by Weight: .023
Compressive Strength (psi): 43,524
Flexural Strength (psi): 3,496




Salisbury Pink (Rock of Ages Owned Quarry - North Carolina)

The industry standard relative to pink granites.  The pink color is due to very high crystalline quartz content.  Even distribution of large quartz crystals provides a smooth finish.
Average Absorption % by Weight: .159
Compressive Strength (psi): 36,089
Flexural Strength (psi): 1,906


Barre Gray (Rock of Ages Owned Quarry - Vermont)

Synonymous with the Rock of Ages name, Barre Gray is recognized around the world as the finest gray granite available.
Average Absorption % by Weight:  .210
Compressive Strength (psi): 23,645
Flexural Strength (psi): 2,172


Impala Black

A black granite from Africa featuring shades of dark grays and blacks with a low variation in pattern.
Average Absorption % by Weight: .090
Compressive Strength (psi): 32,600
Flexural Strength (psi): 3,190








Please note that physical properties relevant to precision use vary significantly between these materials.  Many physical properties need to be considered in determining the appropriate materials for each application.  Our staff can discuss your needs to ensure that the appropriate material is chosen for your application relative to performance and cost effectiveness.