Fletcher Allen Partners

A Partnership

Fletcher Allen Partners is the parent organization of Fletcher Allen Health Care, Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC), Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Medical Center (CVPH) and Elizabethtown Community Hospital (ECH), a four-hospital, cross-lake partnership that establishes a highly integrated health care system serving the communities of Vermont and northern New York.

This integrated health delivery system includes more than 1,000 physicians, more than 2,000 nurses and countless other health care professionals. Over the next several years, Fletcher Allen Partners will carry out centralized activities for the benefit of patients of all the partner organizations, including:

  • Improving access to local care
  • Greater purchasing power
  • Enhancing information technology
  • Increasing academic opportunities for physicians
  • Engaging in regional strategic planning
  • Participating in joint quality and clinical initiatives

CEO Welcome

John Brumsted, M.D.Fletcher Allen Partners was created in October 2011 between Fletcher Allen and Central Vermont Medical Center. On January 1, 2013, CVPH Medical Center in Plattsburgh and Elizabethtown Community Hospital in Elizabethtown, New York joined the affiliation.

This partnership is a key step in developing an integrated delivery system – a critical component of health care reform for our region. Our efforts include improving clinical quality, sharing employee training and resources, consolidating financial systems, coordinating purchasing, and pursuing information technology projects.

As a four-hospital organization, we have expanded our integrated delivery system to include more than 1,000 physicians, more than 2,000 nurses and countless other health care professionals.

Together, we are transforming the way health care is delivered by collaborating in new and innovative ways to provide the best outcomes for patients.


John R. Brumsted, MD
President and CEO
Fletcher Allen and Fletcher Allen Partners